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Working diligently and pro-actively, Choaib, Paiva e Justo Advogados Associados adds value to its clients in its unswerving pursuit of better legal solutions and careful monitoring of the business world and its ensuing legal consequences:

• Planning and reformulation of processes to internationalize companies (operating subsidiaries, holding companies, etc.);
• Registration of foreign investment in legal tender or assets with the Central Bank of Brazil;
• Advisory services involving capitalization, distribution of profits and dividends and repatriation of capital from individuals and legal entities;
• Planning of and support for implementation of investments abroad;
• Consulting services and analysis of banking, tax and exchange legislation aimed at developing new financial products;
• Preparation and/or review of declaration of foreign capital before the Central Bank of Brazil.

São Paulo SP
Rua Pe. João Manuel 755, 8º andar
Cerqueira César CEP 01411-001
Tel: +55 11 3065-0006 Fax: +55 11 3065-0001

Rio de Janeiro RJ
Rua Visconde Pirajá 407 - sala 503,
Ipanema CEP 22410-003
Tel: +55 21 3596-4442 Fax: +55 21 3597-4442

Miami FL, USA
1401 Brickell Avenue, suite 500,
Phone: +1 (305) 379-4400

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