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Civil Law

Civil Law deals with the regulations on the rights and obligations relating to individuals or legal entities, their rights and obligations, assets, and their relationships. Choaib, Paiva e Justo Advogados Associados is a specialist in solutions aimed at solving everyday implications, from the legal system to loan recovery.

Conflicts are common in the business world. Our litigation practice goes beyond defending the rights of our clients, we seek the best result for their business, especially with the problems faced by the Judiciary due to the accumulation of demands and the consequent delay in applying the Law. We always favor the most effective solutions for our clients. Whenever possible, we start our work before the conflict, to avoid litigious scenarios, or to communicate our clients these hypotheses.

We seek mutually agreed solutions with the opposing parties through mediation. At the same time, we act with consistency, in a strategic, preventive and combative way, with administrative, judicial, and conflict mediation courts.

Choaib, Paiva e Justo Advogados Associados has a highly qualified team of lawyers to better serve its clients, working closely, with agility and creativity, treating each case as a specific demand, presenting individualized and personalized planning.

The office’s work involves:

  • Interpretation of contracts;
  • Legal validity of transactions, fulfillment of obligations, types of contracts, the establishment of guaranty and negotiable instruments;
  • Civil liability – material damages;
  • Property Ownership;
  • Consumer Law;
  • Representation in mediation procedures.